X-Men: Danger Room Protocols Is A Love Letter To The 90’s Animated Series!

X-Men: Danger Room Protocols Is A Love Letter To The 90’s Animated Series!

Canadian animator Joel Furtado yesterday unveiled the intro to his fan-made retro-styled upcoming animated webisode series entitled “X-Men: Danger Protocols”. The 18 episode series will take a look at how a handful of Professor Xavier’s students handle situations brought to life thanks to the technological miracles of the Danger Room.

Prof X - Danger Room Protocols

Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Colossus, Gambit, Rogue, Storm, Iceman, and of course Wolverine will be put through their paces against the hopefully only holographic versions of the likes of Magneto, Sauron, Mystique, Sabertooth, Sentinels, Mr. Sinister, White Queen, Silver Samurai, and of course the always awesome…


While this is most definitely a fan’s tip of the hat to the ’90s animated series of his youth Furtado’s choice of animation style seems to throw a bit of Capcom’s 1992 X-Men: Children of the Atom arcade game into the mix as well.
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This is of course not something I would normally bring up in a post…frankly because I am a fan of the things I share on the site as much as you are but I hope that being a fan-made product and with no money involved with the series that Marvel and Fox don’t decide to get litigious with this webisode series.

Because I really want to watch it! To me, my X-Men!!


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