The Rocketeer Poster By Martin Ansin

Dave Stevens created one of the most iconic comic book characters with the Rocketeer back in 1982. Thanks to the late great artist’s exceptional skills he drew in many fans with his serial inspired tale of pilot Cliff Secord who finds himself in possession of a jet pack created by none other than Doc Savage (Not that he was named of course) and helped introduced a new generation to the beauty of Bettie Page.

In 1991 we of course got the live action theatrical film for the character, which while changing some aspects of the comic for legal reasons certainly held true to the heart of Steven’s creation thanks in no small part to Director Joe Johnston and the artist himself.

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While sadly Stevens passed away back in 2008 his character has continued to thrive in new comics, toys and collectibles as well as fine art prints like Martin Ansin’s illustration for Mondo the 1991 film, a limited edition that I’m heartbroken to say is already sold out. At least we can look on the stunning artwork of Ansin’s, right?

All images courtesy of Martin Ansin and Mondo.
All images courtesy of Martin Ansin and Mondo.


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