Mark Hamill hosts the Intro to the 1984 Television Premiere of “Star Wars”

Before every household in the world had access to some sort of home video device, even before the proliferation of cable TV, catching a movie on television could be a big deal. I would schedule my nights around movies, marking the TV guide and watching network Fall Preview shows to get the skinny on what I could expect. In 1984, one of the most important movies ever made, “Star Wars”, made its American television premiere (2 years after being broadcast in Europe).

I am not sure sometimes if our on-demand lifestyle is better for us. The anticipation of an event, even when it was at home, could be magical. Now I would have been happy with just the movie, but the network pulled out all the stops. Mark Hamill hosts, wearing a sharp tuxedo and they interview super fans. People whose dedication to “Star Wars” put this young suburbanite’s enthusiasm look tame by comparison.

This is truly magical event TV, and thanks “Hoth Iceplanet”, you can again watch the intro to this gem in the privacy of your own living room (or on your phone)


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