Watch the Action Figure Storytelling Masterpiece “The Star Wars”

If you are lucky enough to have been to a Man or Astro-man? show, you will know that the music is just part of the experience. During and before the show, you are treated to a multi-media extravaganza.

One of the more interesting pieces they would play before their shows was this magical action figure based retelling of “Star Wars”. Made from the commercial by-product of the original trilogy, this 13 minute 1994 epic was made by Pez D. Spencer (Troy Durrett), Lance Robson, and Jon Ramos. If you are tired of new trilogy hype, and want to get back to basic, enjoy this glorious work.

If you want another Star Wars connection from the intergalactic masters of rock, enjoy their song “Cyborg Control”, which features audio from the Star Wars Book-and-Record set entitled “Droid World”.

May the force be with you.


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