You, The Human Animal 16MM Animated Short (1955)

Back in grade school it was always an exciting moment when we came back from recess to find the teacher had threaded up a 16MM projector, I didn’t care really what the subject of the film or short might be as 99% of the time I was sitting right next to it and was allowed to turn it on and off. That comfortable warmth given off by the projector and the soothing sounds of the film running through it…probably had a little bit to do with me wanting to work at a movie theater when I was older.

I remember watching Walt Disney’s 1955 animated short “You, The Human Animal” way back in third grade. This is also the point in my young life where I realized that Jiminy Cricket makes learning 110% more enjoyable.

Thanks to Hb Videos we can watch an actual 16MM print of the short!

I do not know about you but I am quite interested in reading 101 Types of Mischief!


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