To Arms With The Crossbows And Catapults Game! (1983)

I am pretty positive that I’ve mentioned this story before in passing but there was one birthday…off the top of my head I want to say it was my 11th when my Father decided to have a proper party for his Son, invites were sent out to all my classmates and the neighborhood kids at my Grandparents. We received about twenty replies of planned attendances…

…and no one showed up. I mean absolutely no kids at all. I’ve said before that I didn’t have any true friends until High School but even used to being alone, I kind of felt like I had been punched in the gut. My Father’s reaction was a mixture of feeling bad for me and a little bit of anger as well as there was lots of food and cake that was going to waste.

So while I was dejectedly shoveling another fork full of delicious Star Wars cake, my Father stood up suddenly with a determined look in his eye and calmly told me to get in the car. He took me to the Kay Bee Toy store in the mall and said something he had never said before, “Get what you want.”

Being handed the keys to the toy kingdom…I was shockingly restrained because what I zeroed in on over video games or the likes of Snake Mountain, was the clearance sale for the amazing Crossbow and Catapults game. Being a big fan of Conan the Barbarian and the fact I was able to send hard plastic pieces hurtling through the air to knock down plastic castle walls, and two armies made up of Vikings and Barbarians…it couldn’t get any better.

Until my Father saw the low price tag and made me go back down the aisle and pick up the Castle Outposts, Trojan Horse and Battle Shield, as well as the Cyclops and Minotaur expansions. Our living room table upon returning home became a massive fantasy battlefield!


While I have very fond memories of the many battles waged on that table I can honestly say I never saw a TV commercial, the sound is really low at least on my computer so you might need to turn it up.

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