Starcade Arcade Game Show

1982 Entertainment Tonight Segment on the Starcade Arcade Game Show!

I have mentioned in posts on the site over the years how devoted I was to TBS’ amazing arcade TV show from 1982 to 1984, the Starcade Arcade Game Show. I would rush from the school bus to make sure I was in front of the TV by the time it was starting. If I was really lucky I could maybe get in a few games of Atlantis on the 2600 to boot before it started.

Many evenings would find my Father and I having dinner over at my Grandparents. Where the TV viewing was almost ritualistically the same night after night. The Evening news was followed by M*A*S*H and WKRP in Cincinnati. Then it was time for Entertainment Tonight. Until E! started up in 1987 I received all of my behind the scenes film news, those first tantalizing looks at what I wanted to do when I “grew up”.

In this 1982 clip the first episode of Starcade had already aired and the premise for the show was already set. To be fair I think the show skyrocketed though when the late great Geoff Edwards took over as host. To me he is the true Starcade Arcade Game Show host.

Watch the 1982 Entertainment Tonight Segment on the Starcade Arcade Game Show

Just take a good look at that Starcade neon sign and those lovely arcade games waiting to be played. Good times. Good times.

Now if you would like to see how that pilot episode turned out you can watch this video uploaded on YouTube.

Watch the pilot of the Starcade Arcade Game Show


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