Did You Wrap Up The Holidays In 1989 With Batman On Video Cassette?

Now to be totally honest I did get a little Batman goodness under the tree yesterday as I received the 1966 Batman Second Season Part 2…with that awesome crossover of the Green Hornet and Kato!

Batman VHS Ad

What this 1989 VHS ad below however is focusing on is the Holiday release of Tim Burton’s Batman arriving on VHS, just in time to be picked up as a present for that Christmas. For myself I didn’t get it as a Holiday gift because my Father and I made sure to pick it up at our local video store the day it was released, I’m not talking about renting it but actually buying it from the video store itself.

1989 Batman Movie

Now while the commercial for the VHS tape is nice, I think it’s far more exciting to check out this bit of footage from the premiere of the film itself back in 1989. Look at all of those celebrities that showed up! Tom Selleck! Sylvester Stallone! Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith! Vanna White? Randy Quaid?! Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli?!?!

1989 Batman Movie


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