In the Early Eighties Ad, Wendy’s is Really pushing the “Have it your Way” Angle

I always associate the concept of “have it your way” in fast food with Burger King, who ran a memorable and long running campaign to drill that into consumer’s brains. We did not have a Wendy’s around where I grew up during the eighties and maybe if I did I would not be so surprised how much they were pushing the concept as well. And not just custom ordering, but super fast as you will see in this ad from 1981 featuring Wendy’s founder, Dave Thomas and another famous face and voice.

Yeah! It is Edie McClurg doing a tremendous job of ordering a burger in the most complicate manner possible. What makes it extra special is how quickly they get this bizarre order delivered. It only takes seconds to move from the order to the pick-up counter and this complicated burger is ready to go. Even more amazing? She didn’t have to pay for it.

Wendy’s used to be a very different place. One that defied the laws of space and time and there is only one explanation for this…Time Lords.



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