Happy Holidays From Richard Dean Anderson…As He MacGyvers For The Camera!

Everybody’s favorite mullet-clad, low-tech handyman MacGyver had two Christmastime adventures during his seven years of showing us how gum can contribute to nuclear reactors and candy bars can stop chemical leaks.

Screenshot (641)Screenshot (642)

The first was “Phoenix Under Siege,” from season two, which happened during Mac’s espionage-like adventures, and involved Mac taking on terrorists intent on setting off a bomb at the Phoenix Foundation, when all he was trying to do was pick up the hockey tickets he left there (surprise!). It technically aired after Christmas, but the Phoenix Foundation was decorated for the holiday, so, technically…Christmas episode?

Screenshot (643)TheMadonna007

The second, final, and only actual Christmas episode was the season five episode “The Madonna,” which happened during his “Social Worker” days, but was a heartfelt story about his past coming back to haunt him, during the time of year that most people are reflecting on things – and people – they miss the most. I highly recommend both episodes, but maybe I’m just biased.

I mean, have you seen the man? He’s gorgeous! Oh, and the episodes are good too!

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In two separate holiday season promos (one of which aired during season five), Richard Dean Anderson wished MacGyver loyalists everywhere a Happy Holiday season!

There’s this one, from 1989, where he does the environment right and plants a tree.

I wonder how big the tree is now…

Uploaded by MacGyver Online

And then there’s this one from 1990 (shot while he was filming the season six MacGyver episode, “The Wasteland”), where he is literally pulled off camera.

Methinks he was enjoying this a little too much!

(Uploaded by MacGyver Online)

Screenshot (632)

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