From Star Wars Card Games To Models The 1983 Wish Book Had It All

We are wrapping up our look at the amazing amount of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi merchandise that was being offered in the 1983 Sears Wish Book…and even so…there is still more items than I’ve covered these last three days.

As you can see up top a kid back in 1983 could have requested to either carry into the mock battle of their youth the E-11 Blaster Rifle widely used by Imperial Stormtroopers or swagger down the street with their DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol. For myself, I in fact requested the Battle at Sarlacc’s Pit for that Christmas…and never got it. Sigh.
ROTJ Laser Rifle - Sears Wish Book 1983

On the other hand I was lucky enough to get the adorable Wicket the Ewok plush and I can say that I still have it in my collection.
Wicket - Sears Wish Book 1983Plush Ewoks - Sears Wish Book 1983

I’m not positive but judging by the product description for the Return of the Jedi movie storybook…I think that Sears at that time was secretly affiliated with the Empire. How about that Admiral Ackbar vinyl collectible? They even included glow-in-the-dark paints?!
ROTJ Books - Sears Wish Book 1983
ROTJ - Storybook - Sears Wish Book 1983

Last but certainly not least were the Return of the Jedi models. Jabba’s Palace looks nice and all but I think I would have gone for the B-Wing myself!
ROTJ Models - Sears Wish Book 1983
ROTJ Models Pricing - Sears Wish Book 1983


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