You could get a Vectrex for ??115 at Woolworths during the Christmas of 1983

I do not know a ton about UK TV, but this ad was posted by a YouTuber called Uckfield TV, which seems to post content related to the town of Uckfield in southeast England. It is a charming eighties ad, filled with great references and a circus theme populated by actors and references that I do not fully understand, but somehow feel familiar.

My sisters did a lot of this in the eighties.

Some of the products references include Sony tapes, Fisher Price Activity Centers and Speak and Spell, but by far the best product they are advertising that Christmas at Woolworths is the Vectrex for £115 (additional cartridge extra). I know what you are thinking, what about the Commodore VIC20 for £134.95?


Yes, that is a great item, but Commodore advertising is downright common when compared to what we see for the Vectrex, so I stand by my statement. As the ringmaster says…

“And once they play with Vectrex, they’ll never be the same.”

Enjoy this classic commercial (it is a whopping 1 minute and 39 seconds long) and I hope it helps to put you in the Christmas spirit.


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