Scream Factory Presents: The Car on Blu-Ray (1977)

Scream Factory
It certainly seem our friends at Scream Factory have lined up for all the good boys and girls this Holiday an amazing collection of cult films and bonafide classics. We’ve had the Garbage Pail Kids Movie last week and this week we see the release of not only 1987’s Zombie High, a Double Feature of 1984’s The Dungeonmaster and 1986’s Eliminators, but also the 1977 B-Movie classic The Car!

When Director Elliot Silverstein was told by Universal Pictures that they wanted the movie he was about to helm to be a version of their 1975 smash hit Jaws…but on land…he wisely decided to take it in another direction completely, one in which the Car represents the forces of Darkness and the little town that is being terrorized by this mysterious vehicle as a bastion of Light.

The Car really is a fantastic B-Movie and I totally don’t mean for that to sound like it’s a knock against the film itself, it had a low budget to be sure but it makes up for it thanks to Elliot’s building the suspense around the souped up 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III and the absolutely embarrassment of riches they have with the cast. In the film you have Kathleen Lloyd (It Lives Again), James Brolin (Westworld), John Marley (Deathdream/Dead of Night), R.G. Armstrong (Predator), Melody Thomas Scott (Piranha), Ronny Cox (Robocop), Kim Richards (Escape to Witch Mountain), Kyle Richards (Halloween), and Roy Jenson (Chinatown)…and this is to name just a few.

The story for the car is simple. Black ominous vehicle arrives in the small dusty town of Santa Ynez, brazenly killing those it chooses as the local Police, led by Wade (Brolin), do their best to try and halt it’s rampage. While in the beginning of the film it certainly is left up to you own interpretation of whether supernatural elements are in play…when it refuses to enter a cemetery and then moments later hurls itself into two oncoming patrol cars and drives off after they’ve exploded into flames you pretty much understand what the townsfolk of Santa Ynez are dealing with.

Being a Scream Factory release of course, they’ve made sure to include worthy extras on the Blu-Ray release of the Car although it would have been nice if they could have included a commentary track:
Mystery Of The Car ? An Interview With Producer/Director Elliot Silverstein
The Navajo Connection ? An Interview With Actress Geraldine Keams
Just Like Riding A Bike – An Interview With Actress Melody Thomas Scott
Theatrical Trailer
TV Spot
Radio Spots
Still Gallery

If you love Jaws I’m pretty sure you will have a blast with The Car, it’s available on Blu-Ray today but you can also hop on over to Scream Factory’s Official Site and order a copy for your home library.


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