Next…After The Christmas Toy!

Next…After The Christmas Toy!

On Saturday, December 6, 1986 (yes, I looked up the date, and what day this was in 1986 ? don’t judge me, it was RESEARCH!), ABC aired this adorable special…

Screenshot (629)

And they aired commercials sponsored by this company…

Screenshot (630)

Who made this product…

Screenshot (631)
Who made this product…

And the special slipped away into the depths of obscurity of the Forgotten Christmas Special realm.
Which is probably like being frozen forever.

If you’ve seen this special, you’d understand EVERYTHING I just said.

Don’t worry, it found it’s way back to not-so-obscure…on VHS. In 1993. Seven years later. And again, it found it’s way back to not-so-obscure in 2008…on DVD. Without Kermit the Frog introducing the story.
Legal issues were cited.



Screenshot (628)

On December 6, 1986, two other specials aired – a movie starring Robert Guillaume and James Earl Jones, and a Christmas special featuring Perry Como, the Alamo, and some special guests.

Screenshot (621)Screenshot (622)

Those two other specials? A film called John Grin’s Christmas, and a special called Perry Como’s Christmas in San Antonio, with special guests George Strait and Angie Dickinson. I’m sure this was special in 1986. Just run with me, folks, I was four years old at the time. I probably went to bed after The Christmas Toy was over…or we changed the channel. Either way, I don’t remember either special.

Screenshot (624)Screenshot (625)

And now, you can witness the commercial for two rare Christmas specials…that aired on the same night as another rare Christmas special.

Screenshot (623)

Yes, together.


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She has no memory of either of these specials, but she did transfer her VHS copy of The Christmas Toy (from its original broadcast) to a DVD in 2009 to preserve it.

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