Behold The Saucepan-Melting Power Of Corning Visions Cookware!

The power of advertising.

Showing a product outdo another by simply melting the competition away is pure advertising magic.

Or science.

Yes, science.

Screenshot (490)Screenshot (491)Screenshot (492)


Screenshot (493)

In 1986, Corning introduced their new line of see-through glass cookware that enabled those of us lacking X-Ray vision (you know, mere mortals without cool powers) to view our food as it cooks away, is fully microwavable…

Screenshot (494)

And cleans up in a snap.

BRILLIANCE! Does your metal saucepan do this? I think not.

Corning also reminds you that Visions cookware makes a great gift, because it’s Corning ? that little blue flower…and a whole lot more.

Screenshot (497)

Like power, domination, the power to withstand high temperatures, and the Handle that Never Gets Hot.


Oh, and I own the microwavable version of Visions Cookware.


Catch the power of COOKWARE…and SCIENCE!

Screenshot (492)


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She Blinded Me With Science

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