Did You Get Mogwai Ears From Eating Gremlins Cereal?

To be honest as this Gremlins cereal TV commercial explains it, when you had a hungering for breakfast cereal you would start to sport large Mogwai ears until you were able to get a bowl of the delicious crunchy cereal…that some remember as tasting exactly like Cap’N Crunch!

[Via] tracy80sgirl

While this ad is of course very enjoyable for having Gizmo diving into a bowl of Gremlin cereal, I felt the really interesting point was that it stars Jonathan Ward, who played Douglas Pembroke in 22 episode of Charles in Charge.

Gremlins - Jonthan Ward

One year before he would appear in the Joe Dante helmed Twilight Zone revival episode “The Shadow Man”, a fitting connection since Dante directed Gremlins, right?

Twilight Zone - The Shadow Man

Sadly there never was any Shadow Man cereal.


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