Hall And Oates Rock Out To Jingle Bell Rock

Hall And Oates Rock Out To Jingle Bell Rock

For quite a few years, there was this one cover of “Jingle Bell Rock” that always managed to baffle me as to who sang it. I blame a lack of a sophisticated ear for music. I always knew the artist sounded familiar, but couldn’t quite place the voices. And anytime I would have had the opportunity to look it up, it managed to fall off my radar.

Lo and behold, I actually remembered to look the song up last year, and found out this version I enjoyed more than the Bobby Helms version (sorry to anyone I may offend with that confession) was none other than Hall and Oates. Yes, Daryl Hall and John Oates. Now, I know me a good Hall and Oates song (I’ll confess that I’m not above a good clapping accompaniment to “Private Eyes”), but I certainly didn’t think these guys did Christmas music. Not that any artist is above the joyful sounds of Christmas tunes (and if they are, they have no place in the industry), but they’re not what I pictured singing Christmas music.

Screenshot (556)

What is heard is the fun, joyful tones of our two singers, putting their own delightful and recognizable spin on the song. It’s spirited, it’s high energy, it’s “You Make My Dreams” with a Christmas-y vibe.

And then there is the music video.

Oh boy, is there the music video.

Screenshot (549)Screenshot (551)

In the video, our singers ham it up in coordinated Christmas outfits (Daryl in his finest bright red plaid shirt that reminds me of wrapping paper, John in his finest green Grandpa Oates sweater, complete with pink dress shirt underneath), as they host a Christmas party…complete with G.E. Smith in drag as “Grandma.”

Screenshot (553)Screenshot (554)

I’ll let that sink in.

And they’ve got plenty of funtastic and festive guests…including this guy.

Screenshot (552)

So may our duo regale you with their version of “Jingle Bell Rock”, as only they can?

[Uploaded by hallandoatesVEVO

No seriously, I don’t think “Daryl Hall in drag” when I think of this song.

Screenshot (554)

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