As much as I love the Italian horror genre, the cinema di Italia has plenty more to offer (such as the 4,567 Spaghetti Westerns that I, a horror reviewer by trade, have inexplicably reviewed for this site) for cinephiles lookin’ for a lil’ somethin’ different. And as coincidence would have it, I have an Italian flick from their rough and tumble crime genre right here in my hot lil’ hands by the name of WAKE UP AND KILL (although if that is the option I would rather stay asleep thank you very much)!

So what is ol’ WAKE UP about? It’s about 120 minutes…thank you, thank you; your laughter is reward enough. O.k., as much as you beg and plead for more mirth (and you do…YOU DO), I have to give you a quick synopsis; Luciano Lutring (Robert Hoffman) is a petty thief who’s robberies become ever more daring and violent (for instance this dude becomes known as “the machine-gun soloist” since he starts carrying around a machine gun in a violin case). Eventually ol’ LL becomes a folk-hero as he only targets the wealthy for his crimes which always gets a big “huzzah” from the vox-populi.

Filled to the brim with charismatic criminals, crime sprees, car chases and plenty of action, WAKE UP AND KILL is a fun lil’ flick that really delivers. It’s fast paced (even at almost two hours long) and engaging throughout. Just for subject matter alone this would be a welcome addition to your collection if ya dig on tales of Robin Hood or Bonnie and Clyde.

And, since this is an Arrow release, you can bet the picture looks fantastic (it features a new 2K restoration of the film from the original camera negative). In addition to the Italian version of the film, you also get the shorter English language cut as well, plus for grins they chucked the trailer on here as well.

So why not go on a shopping spree instead of a crime spree and pick up a copy of WAKE UP AND KILL right here!

Daniel XIII

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