1980 Ad For ABC’s The Love Boat and Fantasy Island Season Premiere!

In the last couple of days it sure seems like some great stuff regarding ABC’s hit television series Fantasy Island have been catching my eye. Earlier this week I stumbled across the fact that Mr. Belvedere turned out to be Mr. Roarke’s butler on the seventh season of Fantasy Island and now I’ve come across this wonderful ABC TV promo for the Love Boat as well as Fantasy Island!

The Love Boat episode they are advertising was a two part/two hour season premiere that aired on November 1, 1980 with “The Family Plan/The Promoter/May the Best Man Win/Forever Engaged/The Judges: Part 1”.

[Via] Sean Mc
The Fantasy Island ad was for Episode 2 of Season 4 entitled “Flying Aces/The Mermaid Returns”. The Flying Aces deals with a man who wants to travel back to War World II so he can spend time with his Father who he never met and with the Mermaid Returns…it’s like the ad presented, a mermaid appears on the island to ask Mr. Roarke to help her understand love.

I hope that you will rewatch this promo, for on thing it’s a great moment in time for ABC television but in particular the moment around the :03 mark…is it just me or is Gavin MacLeod who played Captain Stubing on the Love Boat rather aggressive and a little intimidating?
ABC 1980 Love Boat
“Yeah, it’s great! You are going to watch it or I’ll guide my boat through your school!!!”


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