Saturday Frights: Night Gallery – The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes (1971)

Welcome back to a new installment of Saturday Frights! The Projectionist is still MIA here at the Retroist Vault, at least up here in the control booth and even the upper levels. The digging machinery that was going on day and night last week has ceased but he hasn’t shown up for any of the Retro Radio Memories podcasts…or to program the latest Saturday Frights.

I would by lying if I didn’t say that I’m starting to get worried but I’m also too scared to venture down there and spoil whatever surprise he might be working on, he has a tendency to get a little angry at “intruders”. That is why tonight I am in charge of your entertainment once again and this week I have selected the first segment from the September 15, 1971 episode of Night Gallery entitled “The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes”.

The story is about a ten year old boy named Herbie Bittman (Clint Howard), who has the ability to predict future events, he doesn’t just know this info but it comes to him while he is talking about others subjects…like about his wish to get a new telescope. Which causes him to become a TV sensation and delights the head of Television programming, Wellman (Michael Constantine). Then one day young Herbie after a sort of dizzy spell makes an announcement that literally startles the World itself, the following day everything we know about life and each other will be changed, a start of a brand new way of living that will usher in a glorious age of peace and love. No more wars and no more fear. It will be a paradise.

The entire World celebrates of course as Herbie’s predictions have always come true so why is the young boy so worried? Let us find out on Saturday Frights as we visit the Night Gallery and learn of The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes!


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