Riddle Me This! How Awesome Is Tweeterhead’s Batman 1966 Riddler Maquette?

The answer is of course to fans of Batman ’66…quite awesome! First of all a big thanks to Chris Sims over at Comics Alliance for the heads up on this awesome pre-order from Tweeterhead.

Frank Gorshin’s portrayal of the Prince of Puzzlers from the 1966 television series is hands down one of my favorite things to watch. He is equally funny and considering how humorous Gorshin was in real life it’s easy to see why, but he was also able to turn on a dime and be very menacing. Watching the 1966 series in syndication after school in my youth was one of the reasons that the Riddler is one of my absolute favorite comic characters.

Images courtesy of Tweeterhead.
Images courtesy of Tweeterhead.

Batman 1966 - The Riddler 1 - Frank Gorshin - TweeterHead

Jump on over to Tweeterhead to take part in the pre-order of the Riddler Maquette and while you are there you might be interested in the other Batman 1966 wares they have to add to your own home…or Batcave. You can even secure a second version that includes a signed Riddler photo from the Frank Gorshin estate!

Batman 1966 - Tweeterhead
The Riddler - Batman 1966 - Frank Gorshin - Tweeterhead

While you are perusing their Batman selection perhaps this would be the perfect time to share Frank Gorshin’s little ditty once again. This song from Frank Gorshin was released on a 45rpm record and was arranged by none other than the legendary crooner Mel Torme!

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