Mr. Belvedere On Fantasy Island…Wait, What?!

In all honesty I was a big fan of Fantasy Island as I was growing up. Every weekend when spending the night at my Grandparents this was totally one of the shows we would watch, I mean we wouldn’t miss it unless it was a matter of life and death.

Until last evening though and I really, really have no idea how I didn’t know this but I was totally unaware that Christopher Hewett (Mr. Belvedere himself) played Lawrence, Mr. Roarke’s butler in the last season of the series when Herve Villechaize had been let go by Aaron Spelling and the other producers over salary issues before the 1983 season began.

Sadly it doesn’t seem that Fantasy Island Seasons 4 – 7 have been released on DVD, in fact the last set was made available back on October 23, 2012. Although in my case I caught an episode on the FamilyNet channel. Which means I sadly cannot share the Season 7 intro with you featuring Christopher Hewett…so let’s watch the openings to Mr. Belvedere…Season 1 – 3!
[Via] Classic Sitcoms

Of course the real question is what did my Grandparents and I start watching that would have made us stop watching Fantasy Island back in the day?! Of course if you need to know more about Mr. Belvedere then you need only listen to Episode 021 of the Retroist Podcast!


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