They should have made a Real Ghostbusters Statue of Liberty Playset

They should have made a Real Ghostbusters Statue of Liberty Playset

I love all things Ghostbusters. Even the sequel, which people enjoy mocking, always leaves me with a smile. I was also an avid watcher of the cartoon, The Real Ghostbusters. What I always wondered was why they didn’t tie the sequel deeper into the Real Ghostbusters animated series? Was it because the sequel under-performed?


I can only think of one reference to the sequel in the entire series (although I am no expert). In the 1989 episode, “Partners in Slime”, they used the last of the Psychomagnotheric Slime they had from their battle with Vigo, to help defeat a ghost gangster named Poso. Although they did take some extreme artistic liberties with the stuff, it was nice to have any reference to film canon in the animated series.

Sadly the English version of the episode is no longer online, but you can catch the visuals in this Spanish language version if you do not speak Spanish. If you do…enjoy.

Watching this again, I can’t help but wish that when they were putting out the very cool and way too short-lived Ghostbusters toy line, that they would have worked some G2 material into the mix. If you want an idea of what that might have looked like, you could try to merge your original toys with the Mattel release of Vigo that was pretty recent.


Unfortunately the styles of these toys is completely different and, you if you are like me, will leave you feeling hollow. Why? Because…

Scale and style differences ruin suspension of disbelief

The other way to get a glimpse of a toy that never was, is by peeping this late eighties’ commercial that features a decently sized Statue of Liberty that a group of kids inexplicably have access to for their Ghostbuster playing needs.

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