Vintage SuperHero Shrinky Dinks

What does burning plastic and Mozart remind you of? For me, it would be my eighth birthday. Confused? You won’t be…

I remember the gift quite well and searched for it every now and then. Maybe I would see a reference online, but I never spotted it for sale until recently. What could it possibly be? Why, it’s the 1978 SuperHero Shrinky Dinks!!


The set came with plastic sheets of DC Comics heroes (Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Shazam, Aquaman, some villains Catwoman, Joker, Riddler, Penguin) in classic poses, colored pencils, instructions, sharpener and small chain or tabs. The idea was to use the finished crafts as zipper or keychain tabs and other things.


I remember sitting at the dining room table and faithfully coloring my heroes, while my sister (a music major) was practicing classical piano. It was snowing outside. My other sister colored Batgirl and Wonder Woman. I was cool with that until she started making her costume red!! Argh!! Even at 8 years old I knew that was sacrilege! It’s not like I sabotaged her Holly Hobby stuff. (Well, not on the record, anyway.)


After cutting out the shapes, we prepped them for the oven to bake and shrink them. Fast forward to a half hour after (the recommended baking time is four minutes) and the Shrinky Dinks were scorched and mutated. We left them in too long! Oh, the agony!!

Well, this year, I found the set and jumped at it! I had to be reunited with the plastic heroes. It appeared to be unopened. I opened it- I couldn’t stop myself! There appears to be some differences in the images, so I’m thinking the product had undergone some changes from pitch to production. I would love for the other images to be included, but I’m still incredibly happy! The contents list is correct, nothing is missing. Dare I color them?


Would I scorch them? Can I listen to Mozart and not cry? I don’t think I have the heart to do it. I’ve searched for this far too long to ruin them. Yes, I enjoy quite a bit of Mozart and other classical music. Rush, Van Halen… I mean, Chopin and the other dudes. But, Rush is pretty righteous!

Anyway, I’ll return with another installment of retro and vintage goodness! See you soon!

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