Scream Factory Presents: White Of The Eye (1987)

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It’s not just Troll and Troll 2 that Scream Factory has released today but also 1987’s Horror/Thriller White of the Eye. A definitely different offering in the horror vein that we normally have the chance to review on the site, but when it’s Director is the late Donald Cammel who Co-Directed 1970’s Performance (Starring Mick Jagger) and helmed 1977’s Demon Seed you know you are in for something unique to be sure.

This is probably one of the most “artsy” thrillers you are going to find out there, friends. I hope that statement doesn’t come off as negative or put you off on White of the Eye but it’s certainly something you should know before going into the film. This is in now way your average 1980s slasher film.

The story revolves around a small Arizona town that is experiencing a rash of brutal murders against wealthy Women by a stylized serial killer. On the case however is Detective Charles Mendoza (Fright Night’s Art Evans) who believes there isn’t anything simple about the murders, that it’s actually a visual statement regarding an Apache legend. The Detectives investigation leads him to cross paths with our main protagonists of the film, Paul (David Keith) and Joan (Cathy Moriarty) White, a married couple with a young Daughter. Paul is a stereo installation specialist, one that is in very high demand in the community thanks to being able to generate a pitch through the air cavities in his skull to locate the perfect position for sound equipment in any room.

This is the part where I am compelled to stop the review and totally point out that David Keith would go on to play the part of Jack Murdock in 2003’s Daredevil, the Father to Matt Murdock aka Daredevil.

Mendoza can’t help be suspicious of Paul, as his job allows him to work near the homes where the murdered Women lived. But we the viewers totally know this can’t be right, Paul if not an upstanding member of the community seems to at least be very well liked by the citizens and there is the fact that Joan’s old boyfriend, Mike DeSantos (Alan Rosenberg), is back in town and thanks to various flashbacks (that you know you are in only because of the quality of the film changing) we learn that the man has a few screws loose and takes it personally when Paul sweeps Joan off her feet and away from Mike.

Could Mike have returned to town after getting out of prison to stalk Joan? Taking out his anger at a ruined life on those affluent Women? Or are things truly not quite what they seem? You will of course have to find out the answer for yourself when you pick up the Blu-Ray/DVD Combo pack from Scream Factory!

Of course being a Scream Factory release they have packed with release with the extras we’ve come to expect:
NEW Into The Vortex ? An Interview With Actor Alan Rosenberg
NEW Eye Of The Detective ? An Interview With Actor Art Evans
Audio Commentary By Donald Cammell Biographer Sam Umland
Deleted Scenes With Commentary By Sam Umland
Into The White – An Interview With Cinematographer And Steadicam Operator Larry McConkey
Alternate Credit Sequence
Flashback Sequences Prior To The Bleach Bypass Process

White of the Eye is available in stores today or you can hop over to Scream Factory’s Official Site so you can order a copy for yourself!


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