Check Out This Fan Made TRON Light Cycle Board Game!

“Greetings. The Master Control Program has chosen you to serve your system on the Game Grid.”

As seems always to be the case of late, I was trying to dig up information on an entirely different subject matter for a post when I stumbled upon an image of Brett King’s custom one-of-a-kind laser etched TRON light cycle board game.

Images courtesy of Brett King.
Images courtesy of Brett King.

Following the image lead me to an 2011 article on Ars Technica that featured Brett’s work and explained that the creator…or should that be User…came up with this board game for himself and his children. The rules as explained in the article state:
“…the pieces are divided into two teams of three, each one representing either the blue or orange light trails. Each player takes turns moving, leaving a two-inch-long light trail behind them with each move. Just like in the movies, if you hit a trail of light you explode and are out of the game. The trails can either stay on the board until the game is done, or disappear after five turns. There’s also an alternate version that uses dice to determine whether or not you can turn.”

TRON Custom Board Game 3 - Brett King

It appears that Brett has included rules for having Kevin Flynn’s light cycle enter the game grid as well as Quorra’s vehicle of choice in the light cycle arena. So take a moment out of your busy schedule and check out this video uploaded by Brett King and try not to feel too bad that you can’t get a copy of the game for yourself.

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TRON Custom Board Game 4 - Brett King


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