This Battletoads Original Soundtrack LP At Least Will Be Easier To Play Than The Game Itself!

Battletoads is an absolutely awesome game that I remember with both equal parts pleasure and all-consuming rage when I played it back in 1991 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. While thankfully it wasn’t so difficult as to drive me to snap my NES Advantage like…Ninja Gaiden…I won’t lie and say I didn’t finally get a little help from the local video store by way of renting the Game Genie.

One of the things though I recall with absolute fondness though was it’s soundtrack, so much so that I just might have set my portable stereo next to the TV speakers to capture it while playing the game. If you haven’t heard it for yourself here is the title theme for the game which was uploaded by GBelair over on YouTube.

Battletoads LP Images courtesy of iam8bit.
Battletoads LP Images courtesy of iam8bit.

Now thanks to iam8bit you can pick up this limited edition Battletoads LP featuring the original soundtrack from composer David Wise with artwork by Nick Gazin.

Battletoads LP - Back Cover - iam8bit

There have only been 3000 of these awesome LP’s pressed so hop on over to iam8bit and order your copy today! While you are waiting for the record to reach your house why not take half and hour and watch the pilot for the Battletoads cartoon?
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