Warpo Toys Unchains Their “Don’t Cuddle The Krampus” Kickstarter!

Warpo Toys founders Bryan Katzel - Tommy Baldwin - Eric Lefeber
Warpo Toys founders Bryan Katzel – Tommy Baldwin – Eric Lefeber

Friends, it is with a giant smile plastered on my face that I have the privilege to share with you that our friends at Warpo Toys have a brand new Kickstarter! Much like they did with their incredible Legends of Cthulhu line of retro-styled action figure, those geniuses from Warpo are ready to tackle another 80’s inspired line with Don’t Cuddle the Krampus, which is kind of a mix of My Pet Monster with a dash of Garbage Pail Kids thrown in…and maybe some Madballs for flavoring. Of course like with their previous toy line this new toy looks like you borrowed your nearest time traveling DeLorean and visited those glorious toy stores of the 1980s.

All images courtesy of Warpo Toys.
All images courtesy of Warpo Toys.

Or maybe in this case Don’t Cuddle the Krampus is like what you would choose from the 1986 Christmas Wish Book?

1986 Christmas Wish Book - Warpo Toys

Now you might be thinking that choosing Saint Nick’s counterpart, one that is well known to engage in some pretty harsh punishments for naughty children like whipping them with branches and even chains before collecting them up in his wicker basket or a sack and taking them to Hell itself, is an odd choice for a retro toy line. I would counter that in 1986 we had:
inhuminoids show name
The Inhumanoids.

Plus as we are made to understand from the video below and the official Kickstarter page this particular Krampus while being a monster is totally misunderstood, his sole task is to hunt down the naughty children and with some scare tactics make sure they become good kids.

Of course one of the absolute joys we’ve come to expect from Warpo Toys is that immersive feeling of the product truly seeming to have come from the 80’s. They can do this by hiring those key designers and artists that actually were working in the toy industry at that time, like Jim Groman!

Jim Groman - Warpo Toys

Groman worked on the likes of toy lines such as Care Bears, My Pet Monster, Madballs, and more! By the way check out that sweet Art Adams artwork in the background!

Of course like with the Legends of Cthulhu line there are some amazing pledge level awards…but this time they’ve also included an option entitled The Krampus Holiday Bazaar which allows you to purchase additional items that will blow your Holiday stockings off!

Krampus Morning Mug
Krampus Morning Mug - Warpo Toys

Krampus Old Maid Game
Krampus Old Maid Game - Warpo Toys

The Krampus Coloring Book
Krampus Coloring Book - Warpo Toys

Krampus Cereal Box with FREE Krampus Bookmark Inside
Krampus Cereal Box - Warpo Toys

The Krampus Storybook and Audio Cassette
Krampus Storybook and Audio Cassette - Warpo Toys

There is much more to check out over at the official Don’t Cuddle the Krampus Kickstarter Page…so what are you waiting for, hop on over and help Warpo Toys bring another “lost” 1980s toy to reality…before you hear the stomp of the Krampus’ hooves on your roof.

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