Enjoy This Wonderful 1987 Showbiz Pizza Birthday Party Home Video!

I’ve spoken about my fond memories of the Showbiz Pizza of my youth many, many times before on the site. Just the other day I stumble upon a disco album released by the Rock-afire Explosion that I hadn’t heard of before, so hoping that it was on YouTube I instead stumbled across this really wonderful birthday party home video from back in 1987.

Uploaded to Michael Grados’ YouTube channel I can only assume he is in fact the young boy the birthday party is behind held for. In the video you will get to see not only the birthday antics that Billy Bob and the employees of Showbiz Pizza engaged in, but a bit of the floor show from the Rock-afire Explosion as well as some of the sweet, sweet vintage birthday loot that Michael received for his birthday!

The funny thing about this birthday video and like the few others I’ve now found…they never turn the camera to the floor of the Showbiz Pizza arcade itself. I have a few photos from my own birthday that was held at Showbiz and not one of them captured an image of the vast number of classic arcade titles on hand for the guests to play. Even so I am so grateful that people like Michael are uploading these little slices of the 80s for our viewing enjoyment, brings a big smile to the face.


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