Don’t Get Scrooged This Holiday Season Get Fright-Rags’ The Night The Reindeer Died T-Shirt!

I have so much love for Richard Donner’s 1988 dark holiday classic, Scrooged. While Bill Murray absolutely steals the show with his portrayal of an ad exec who is so devoted to money…that he offers up the suggestion of using staples on poor little mice to keep antlers on their heads.

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Of course there was also the wonderful segment we see playing on IBC channels during the evening that Murray is visited by three ghosts to help him mend his selfish ways, an over the top action film where none other than Lee Majors comes to Santa and his North Pole workshop’s aid with guns blazing…The Night The Reindeer Died!

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Fright-Rags produces absolutely some of the best T-Shirts for horror films and TV series and it’s not like the fictitious holiday special presented in the movie doesn’t have a touch of horror to it. So jump on over to Fright-Rags official site, it’s on sale right now!


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