Ray Bradbury’s The Halloween Tree At Disneyland

Ray Bradbury’s The Halloween Tree At Disneyland

Halloween is here! One of the most glorious nights of the year has swept in even faster than last year in my personal opinion. Perhaps it was hiding out in those growing stacks of leaves in the front yard or behind all of those beautiful masks and costumes on display at the local stores.

Autumn Leaves

It just feels like we at the Retroist were just beginning to make our plans for the various specials the other day but now we must all rush out the door to engage in our various Halloween activities for the evening, I’ve barely had a chance to cobble my own costume together. Where did the time go?

This morning as usually happens I intended to share one thing with you which led me to finding this video presentation of Ray Bradbury’s Halloween Tree at Disneyland, a tree that Bradbury himself was able to see unveiled on October 31, 2007. It has been part of the parks Halloween decorations ever since.

Images courtesy of The Disney Geek.
Images courtesy of The Disney Geek.

It would seem that this video was created and uploaded by a Grandchild of Ray Bradbury who goes by the name of The Disneyland Geek.

So to one and all we send you the most heartfelt holiday wishes. Have fun today, stay safe and Happy Halloween!
The Halloween Tree Pumpkin - The Disney Geek


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