“What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?”

“What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?”

Choosing a Halloween costume is the single greatest decision a kid gets to make each year (at least, for the month of October) – the question “What are you going to be for Halloween?” weighs heavy on any youngster’s mind. Oh, the pressure of choosing just the right costume! It has to be affordable, highlight your impeccable spirit of the season, and one that is practical. (Because, let’s face it – growing
up in Indiana, you never know if you’ll have to wear snow boots with your princess dress, or if wearing that horse costume will turn into a sauna. October is a very tricky month!)

Do you cobble one together? (And by “you” we all know I mean your parents. You were entirely at their mercy if you went this route.) If you buy one, you knew what you were up against…Plastic. Lots of

If you grew up in the late 70’s or in the 80’s, you undoubtedly remember those wonderful costumes consisting of a horrifying mask and a plastic smock, screen printed within an inch of it’s life. If it were a cold evening, those tiny little nostril holes would cause condensation to build up inside your mask. Those eyeholes – just wait for a parent to try to enlarge those suckers so you can see…then you have a He-Man with a wonky eye. The little slit in the mouth…what was that for?! It wasn’t large enough to squeeze candy through…and I know I can’t be the only one who cut their tongue on it because they couldn’t stop fidgeting with it. (Oh, I am the only one? That’s cool.) Sitting down was a chore, too…you had to sort of wiggle around to bunch the costume up in the back, so the ties around the neck wouldn’t choke you. And forget the sound of leaves crunching under foot while out trick-or-treating – that’s the sound of the costume wrinkling and crinkling.

They were really only good for one Halloween (which, let’s be honest included then entire month of October…begging to wear the costume all hours of the day). Aside from the fact that you would be a complete lame-o for wearing last year’s Snoopy costume when you were totally 6 years old now and WAY too old for that baby stuff – they just weren’t that durable!

Group Photo - Peach Martini

For as horrible as they seemed, why do we look back fondly on them? The bright colors? The vivid images that made you look like you were as strong as He-Man? The fact that we could actually wear our woolly footed PJs under them and no one would know? Or do we really just love those ridiculous costumes? (I think it’s all of the above!)

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