Before Scott Bakula Leaped Through Time, He Did Product Placements!

The internet as a tool for evil?

Surely you jest.

Ok, my purpose for using the internet can’t be considered “evil” in the sense that there really are people out there who use it for actual evil. Someone like me uses it for the “look what I found! I’m a freakin’ genius” kind of evil that only comes from hours spent writing articles about nostalgia. I’m the kind of “evil genius” that finds something amazing to write about and rubs their hands together while evilly laughing in what passes for their “studio.”

Besides, do I really look evil to you?
Evil Smile

Pure Unrequited Evil. Devil Incarnate. Devil In Disguise. Mwahahahahahahahaha!


I have this strange fascination with finding early work of actors who entertain my attention. I’m a huge Stargate fan, and there are plenty of great “evil genius” opportunities to find older work of some of my favorites from that cast. I also love Jason Bateman, and well, watching anything he did in the 1980s is like revisiting my childhood all over again. But prior to all of this, the man I researched on the internet (back when the internet was more educational tool than anything) was Scott Bakula.

There’s a backstory here.

In 2001, I came across a rerun of Quantum Leap on the Sci-Fi Channel (yes, the SCI-FI Channel), and it was the episode where a man walks into a bar, looks in the mirror, and sees himself.

It was “Mirror Image,” it was the last episode ever made (so I found out), and my eighteen-year-old self was PISSED to know how it ended before I even began watching it.

So I made it my mission to watch the show. And I have, on and off for the last 14 years.

I came for the plot…and stayed for Scott Bakula.

I remember watching an episode of The Rosie O’Donnell Show in early 2002, and Rosie, ever the “evil genius” (Back when she was more likable) was the master of finding “blackmail material,” and she happened to showcase this little gem to her unsuspecting audience.

I rather enjoyed it. But, evil genius.

[Via] w. wayne arrants
Screenshot (118)
Screenshot (119)
Screenshot (120)
Oh, who sings and dances to the praises of Canada Dry? Why, Scott Bakula, of course! I remember seeing this and laughing oh so evilly. Those moves, that smile, that singing. That one lady who really likes Canada Dry. When I think Canada Dry, I think well-choreographed dance greatness.

Screenshot (121)
Make that move! And BUST a move!

And a few years later, when You Tube became a thing, I found this.

[Via] Television Archives

Turns out not being a morning person in the advertising world means acting overdramatic about natural sunlight…
Screenshot (253)
“Oh crap! Sun! Get it away! IT BUUUUUUUUUUUUUURNS!”

Screenshot (254)

Screenshot (255)
And decaf is nothing short of a crime against humanity, but wait, this is Folgers Decaffinated Coffee! And this is what it makes you do…

Screenshot (256)
Yep, I’m sure everyone in my office would react the same way over decaf. Since that’s not what they drink.

Screenshot (257)
The best part of waking up is knowing Scott Bakula is in bed with you. Did you really think Folgers in your cup was my angle here?

Screenshot (258)

Anything to veer away quickly from the smartassery of what I just said.

And of course, because I just happened to hunt those other two commercials down…I found THESE!

[Via] Kirkimer22
Screenshot (259)
Screenshot (260)
Screenshot (261)
Screenshot (262)
Screenshot (263)
I’ve never heard of The Magic Pan, but apparently Bakula has the ability to snap his fingers and make food and wine appear in front of him – good food at inexpensive prices. The only thing he can’t snap and make disappear…the check!
Screenshot (264)
Dude, you know what happens when you can’t pay the check, right? You leap into a dishwasher working at The Magic Pan who must save the life of a busboy when the restaurant catches fire because of the alcoholic cook who refuses to pay attention to the stove having a gas leak.

Ok, that sounded like the worst Quantum Leap episode idea ever.

*Backing away from that joke*

And finally, there’s this one…

[Via] Tracy 80s Girl

Scott makes a quick appearance as someone questioning the deliciousness of a Thomas’ English Muffin.
Screenshot (265)

Now why would anyone do that?! Just eat it!
Screenshot (266)

Preferably with friends, but not the kind that question the deliciousness of it.
Screenshot (267)

And after seeing these commercials, I think I’ve figured everything out that I needed to know about Scott Bakula and his early career in commercials: In order for Scott Bakula to LEAP into bigger and better things, he had to ensure that products he was hired to promote got the proper placement they deserved.

Did you see what I did there?!

Oh boy
“Oh boy.”

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Allison has always made the move to Canada Dry, as it’s the only brand of ginger ale she has ever liked.
Screenshot (120)

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