Akai, for the most Avant Garde fans of Stereo Equipment

I find this late seventies commercial for Akai stereo equipment to be confusing and indulgent. Also, with its styling, it feels a bit ahead of its time.  So naturally it is now my favorite thing in the world.

It feels like they had a few actors show up and they told them to act artsy. This sort of behavior seemed to peak in the eighties, but for my money, the stuff they did in the seventies was much better.

If you wondering if my favorite member of the “Akai Stereo Players” is, its laser hand mirror guy.

Laser Hand Mirror Guy (action figure pending)

Akai is a consumer electronics brand name. The original company was founded in 1946 in Tokyo, Japan as Akai Electric Co., Ltd. by Masukichi Akai and his son, Saburo Akai. They are probably best know today fo their work on electronics such as LED TVs and Air Conditioning systems


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