Scream Factory Presents: Bordello of Blood Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition (1996)

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With the incredible popularity of the HBO Tales from the Crypt TV series it was only a matter of time before Hollywood came a knocking at the Cryptkeeper’s door. The issue that quickly was confronting the producers of Tales from the Crypt was which EC tale should be brought to the big screen and the answer turned out to be none of them.

It was decided the best choice would be to use wholly original screenplays. In the case of Bordello of Blood that screenplay would be based on the very first script that Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future), who was one of the Executive Producers for the Tales from the Crypt series, and his writing partner Bob Gale (Trespass) had written while in college.

Image courtesy of Scream Factory.
Images courtesy of Scream Factory.

In 1995 Demon Knight (Also being released today and the subject of the last Saturday Frights Podcast!) was produced and released to the theaters to moderate success, using a script that had been created back in 1987, a full two years before Tales from the Crypt was even produced for HBO. The original plan was to have a trilogy of films released, each one being connected by the key from Demon Knight, but sadly those plans were quashed with the box office take of the Bordello of Blood. Through the years the film has certainly developed a loyal cult following and that is why our friends from Scream Factory have decided to give it the Blu-Ray treament.

The story for the film concerns the resurrection of the Mother of Vampires herself, Lilith (Angie Everhart), thanks to a devious explorer named Vincent (Willow’s Phil Fondacaro) who brings the four pieces of her heart that were originally scattered across the globe back to her resting place under a forest in South America. Now you might think raising an ages old evil, a vampire at that isn’t a good idea but thankfully for Vincent he possesses an artifact that keeps her under control.

Jump forward a little in time and we find ourselves back in the United States and are introduced to Catherine Verdoux (Baywatch’s Erika Eleniak) and her hooligan younger brother Caleb (Lost Boy’s Corey Feldman). After a verbal argument with Catherine he makes his way to a local bar where he learns of a special brothel that is hidden by its bizarre location…a funeral home. Caleb and a friend end up visiting what of course turns out to be the Bordello of Blood. The brothel is located under the funeral parlor and is of course run by Lilith and populated naturally with a legion of vampires.

When Caleb goes missing Catherine ends up crossing paths with a wisecracking private investigator named Rafe Guttman, played by a wisecracking Dennis Miller, who agrees to take on her case. It’s not long before Rafe after questioning some of Caleb’s friends manages to stumble upon an invite himself to the Bordello of Blood where he comes across a rather shocking secret. Not only are vampires real and running the place but all of the belongings and money the victims of the vampire brothel leave behind are used to help fund a televangelist named J.C. Current (Fright Night’s Chris Sarandon!) who just so happens to be Catherine’s boss.

As you might imagine when Rafe explains to Catherine that her missing brother is involved with a group of vampires operating under a funeral home…she is less than ready to believe him but when the young woman is studying a video she helped shoot at a strip club where Lilith was present and the Mother of Vampires can’t be seen in the interview she can’t help but start to believe Rafe’s tale.

Will Rafe and Catherine be able to alert the authorities and the world to the very real danger of vampires? You’ll just have to find the answer for yourself when you pick up the Bordello of Blood Collector’s Edition on Blu-Ray!

Now when Bordello of Blood first came out in the theaters I have to admit that I didn’t care for it. Actually my feelings about it ended up bordering on hating it. Why? I think it’s because while Demon Knight certainly had a sense of humor it was still a horror film. With Bordello of Blood it’s first and foremost a comedy with a bit of horror in the mix and some nice gore moments. At the time that was not what I was expecting from the movie which really means I must not have been paying attention to the trailer very closely.

Now since this is a Scream Factory release you can bet there are worthy extras:
Audio Commentary With Co-Writer & Producer A.L. Katz
Tainted Blood: The Making Of Bordello Of Blood – Interviews With Actors Corey Feldman, Angie Everhart, Erika Eleniak, Co-Writer & Co-Producer A.L. Katz, Editor & Second Unit Director Stephen Lovejoy, And Special Effects Creator Todd Masters
Video Promo
Still Gallery
Theatrical Trailer

Holy Cow! I feel I really have to point this out to you that I can’t recall ever listening to a commentary and watching a featurette where it totally changed my outlook on a film. To put it incredibly nicely the odds were SO stacked against this film being completed that it’s a miracle the movie was released at all. That commentary and featurette is easily worth the price of the Blu-Ray, hands down. Scream Factory as always really shows their love for not just the horror genre but those films that truly have earned a cult status.

Tales from the Crypt presents Bordello of Blood is available for you to pick up on Blu-Ray this very minute as is Demon Knight. Now if for some reason you can’t locate a copy to enjoy this Halloween season you can always order a copy over at Scream Factory’s Official Site.


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