Happy 30th To The Nintendo Entertainment System!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years today since the NES first hit America and helped Nintendo to become a juggernaut in the gaming world, with a little help from a certain plumber named Mario of course.

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I’ve shared on the site before my memories of getting the NES back in my youth and how it truly changed my life, it was then and there that I discovered just how much of a gamer I really was. That also was true for my Grandmother as we kind of worked a split shift in terms of beating some of the games like Metroid.

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Of course being October I think we have to share this commercial for one of my absolute favorite NES titles…Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest!

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So thank you Nintendo for 30 years of the Nintendo Entertainment System, a console that still sees tons of use by the next generation of gamers at the Arkadia Retrocade and will hopefully do so for at least another 30 years!


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