Did you buy your Classy Franklin Library Books?

I wanted a really classy looking library when I was a kid. I was crazy for books and especially ones that looked pretty. So I spent a lot of time paying a dime or a quarter a piece for books at garage sales. Sometime those books I found were completely incomprehensible, but I bought them anyway, all in the name of having what would appear to be a good-looking library.

I am not sure if any of the books on my shelf came from the Franklin Library, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Most of the books looked like they had never been read and had been bought for their aesthetic qualities (like I was going for). A couple of years ago I got rid of all of those books. Donating most of them to the local library where I am sure they will join piles of other Franklin Library and Reader’s Digest classic on some bargain shelf at an upcoming book fair.


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