You Will Run…Hide…And Possibly Survive Your Visit To Crimson Creek!

You Will Run…Hide…And Possibly Survive Your Visit To Crimson Creek!

Friday the 13th. The Burning. Madman. Sleepaway Camp. All cult classic slasher films and when watching them we can’t help but ponder how we personally would react to the dangers of being stalked by a crazed killer through the dark woods…the same kind of place presented in the new Kickstarter Project entitled Crimson Creek.

Welcome to Crimson Creek - Toystorian Enterprises

Toystorian Enterprises has crafted a gem of a horror themed pocket game for 2 to 6 Players that can be finished in 30 to 45 minutes. Crimson Creek tasks the Players with accepting the role of teenagers who have their romantic weekend plans quashed when they are confronted by the murderous spirit of Klein who is best remembered by his other name…the Hatchetman.

All images courtesy of Toystorian Enterprises.
All images courtesy of Toystorian Enterprises.

Crimson Creek - Pledge Levels - Toystorian Enterprises

The Basic gameplay is explained on the Crimson Creek Kickstarter Page:
“The object of the game is to stay alive until morning, while figuring out which suspect is possessed by Klein aka The Hatchetman.

Morning arrives after 3 Acts are completed. An Act is a single round consisting of 3 scenes. An Act ends when Klein’s starting location (also known as Klein’s lair) has been revealed. In each scene, players move around the locations and acquire information to avoid The Hatchetman and discover his lair.

Players are allowed up to 2 actions each turn. The 7 possible actions are:
RUN – Move your character to a new location.
PEEK – Privately view a location card.
HIDE – Find a hiding place.
SHARE – Privately share information you have acquired.
SEARCH – Examine a location for clues.
ABILITY – Each character has a unique special ability.
DECLARE – Announce the location of Klein’s lair.”

Now what pray tell do you do if you just so happen to discover that you are the one in fact that is possessed by Klein? Why what else but slay all the other players to take the victory and I would imagine take some…very…gruesome trophies!

Crimson Creek as you saw from the video up above not only has an free iOS companion app so you can listen to it’s soundtrack but it also will aid you in gameplay. The wonderful illustrations for the game were provided by Marco Chiu and of course help you get into the mood of the game.

Player Location Cards - Toystorian Enterprises

Crimson Creek - Stretch Goals

So what are you waiting for? It’s almost Halloween so why not hop on over to the Crimson Creek Kickstarter Page and get your own copy of the game!


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