Retro Records: Groovie Goolies (1970)

Drak Pack
In my youth when it came to horror related cartoons, for my money nothing could top Hanna-Barbera’s 1980 Saturday morning cartoon series the Drak Pack!

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Although my love for that particular TV show didn’t mean I wasn’t ready at the drop of the hat to watch anything that had some connection to something supernatural, whether that be Scooby-Doo, Goober and the Ghost Chasers, or of course the Groovie Goolies. Although in my neck of the woods it was never on at a regular time, it was syndicated of course but it would always air on a Sunday afternoon…well…sometimes it would air on a Sunday afternoon. It was a gigantic letdown to get home from church and plop down in front of the TV, anxiously waiting for the tube to warm up and see…Wagon Train.

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Wolfie actually kind of scares me.
Wolfie actually kind of scares me.

In 1970 RCA Victor produced this Groovy Goolies LP featuring ten songs:
Save Your Good Lovin’ For Me, Bumble Goolie, We Go So Good Together, Frankie, Goolie Get-Together (Theme), First Annual Semi-Formal Combination Celebration Meet-the-Monster Population Party, Spend Some Time Together, Cling, Clang, Goolie Garden, One, Two, Three.

Sadly this is the only song I could find online but it’s an enjoyable bit of fun and Drac, Frankie, and Wolfie should help get you into the Halloween spirit.

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