Famous Ghost Stories  (with scary sounds)

Famous Ghost Stories (with scary sounds)

When I was an impressionable young lad I remember I really loved scary stuff. As with many kids, Halloween was my favorite time of year! I don’t remember when my parents picked up this great record but I practically wore it out! I loved listening to this gem often before going to sleep. I had a children’s type record player in my room and I’d throw on a side, then race to the safety of my bed to hear all these great ghost stories. The stories don’t hold back whatsoever. Gory, scary, horribly frightening? For a 7 year old, absolutely! When this was released in 1975 it wasn’t a sugarcoated baby record. You had to be a brave kid to play this record after dark; I’m telling you! Man, being a kid in the 70’s was awesome!

Since finding them again on Facebook, I treat my girlfriend to a few stories every once in a while. Especially this time of year! I really love that eerie ghostly moan that transitions in and out of every story. Spooky Good!!! She hates it which makes it even better….

Track 1: The Headless Horseman
Track 2: The Ghost Ship

Track 3: The Tell-Tale Heart
Track 4: The Railroad Signal-man

Track 5: The Hitch Hiker
Track 6: A Visit to Transylvania

Track 7: The Bloody Tower
Track 8: The Haunted Gold Mine

Track 9: The Specter
Track 10: The Miser’s Gold

Now I hope you can enjoy them as I did. Heck who am I kidding; I STILL LOVE ‘EM!

Tom Berges

I'm creator of the website igrewupstarwars.com! I'm into everything retro!

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