Dark Hall Mansion’s Universal Monsters Print Set…is ALIVE!

If you had chance to listen to the latest Saturday Frights Podcast where we discuss 1933’s The Invisible Man you know just how high in esteem both the Projectionist and I hold the Universal Monster films.

Which is why I was so absolutely delighted to be contacted by our friends from Dark Hall Mansion concerning their limited edition 7-print set by Nicolas Delort featuring those legendary monsters of the silver screen. As you can see from these images they all have an awesome Bernie Wrightson/Gary Gianni style going on, which considering those are two of my favorite comic book artists that is a very good thing.

All images courtesy of Dark Hall Mansion.
All images courtesy of Dark Hall Mansion.

Invisible Man - Dark Hall Mansion - Nicolas Delort

The Bride of Frankenstein - Dark Hall Mansion - Nicolas Delort

The Mummy - Dark Hall Mansion - Nicolas Delort

Dracula - Dark Hall Mansion - Nicolas Delort

The Wolfman - Dark Hall Mansion - Nicolas Delort

The 7-print set goes on sale Tuesday, Oct 13, at 9:30 AM PST on the Dark Hall Mansion’s Store Page.

From the Official Press Release:
“Dark Hall Mansion, under license from Universal Studios Licensing LLC, will release artist Nicolas Delort’s striking take on each of the original 7 classic Universal Monsters that shaped and defined vintage horror movies. Each of Nicolas’ unique pieces interprets each Universal Monster in an elegant manner that not only interprets the legacy of each film but seeks to bring Nicolas’ considerable skills to bear, refining and distilling all per his personal vision and sensibility. His “Mummy’s” exquisite detailing is simply something to behold, his “Frankenstein” not only renders the film’s powerful arc and tragedy in full but addresses the very act of creation itself. His “Dracula” is all mood and atmosphere, his “Wolf Man” quite terrorizing in its transition, and Nicolas’ “Invisible Man” a reflective meditation on man’s intrusions. Finally Nicolas’ arresting “Creature from the Black Lagoon,” in a word, elevates; an extraordinary piece that is very much more than it appears at first glance, gorgeous and emotionally resonant, woman as divine. And what to say of Nicolas’ beautiful and ethereal “Bride of Frankenstein,” where despite having Elsa Lanchester’s likeness available to him, his personal vision for the Bride insisted it be something else altogether, in so doing, raising the piece to that of lyrical and poetic.

Each individual print in DHM’s Nicolas Delort 7-print set measures 18″ x 24,” is hand numbered, and screen printed. The Standard edition set is printed per Nicolas’ hand crafted B&W approach while his Variant’s hue is richly toned and deliberately vintage in feel. There is also a very limited foil edition based on either the Standard or Variant colorway, plus the most select series, only 10 editions, a complete run of all 7 of Nicolas’s “Universal Classic Monsters” pieces individually screened on wood.”


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