Tremble At Topper’s 1969 Motorized Monster Maker!

I have always wondered if everyone when they are kids do not long for the heady thrills that the character of Dr. Frankenstein experienced by bringing into creation a monster by mad science and sheer will…I think the answer is a resounding yes judging by the amount of make-a-monster toys like the wonderful Mad Scientist Monster Lab sets from the late 1980s.

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon the Galaxon Space Monster Mold Kit over on the Vintage Toy Archive which you can see at the top of this post, making me realize that even back in the 60’s there were kids who wanted to create their very own monster to shock and amaze. I can honestly say I haven’t ever seen one before but apparently there was a whole line of kits available as you will see in the commercial below!

[Via] My Footage

It seems that Topper Toys was also responsible for the Johnny Lightning die-cast metal car line, the Dawn Dolls, Suzy Homemaker, and of course the incredibly awesome Ding-A-Ling line of Robots!

Images courtesy of Collectiondx and Robokeith.
Images courtesy of Collectiondx and Robokeith.


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