Robot Tank Sealed for 32 Years & Counting

I came across this sealed copy of Robot Tank for the Atari 2600 at an antique fair. You can read the Retroist’s review for this game here. The vendor informed me he got it from a storage unit formerly owned by a game store. At one point in time, he said he had lots of copies – but he was down to his last few. I’m always amazed at finding something 30+ years old in the original shrink-wrap. This one had a retail price tag of $23.20, but that was covering the original price. Maybe that original price was $29, meaning this was marked 20% off. Anyway, I’m leaving it sealed, so I’ll never know the details of how to get that “Free Robot Tank Poster.” Oh – and fair warning – the box says that the robot tanks attack in October 2019 – so you’ve only got 4 years to prepare.



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