Larry Bundy Jr. Reveals The Undead Origin Of Ubisoft’s Oldest Franchise!

Good friend to the Retroist site, Larry Bundy Jr., is back again with a brand new video giving us more history on our favorite gaming icons and franchises. In this case he is getting us ready for that most wonderful time of the year on the Retroist…that month long celebration of October and Halloween …by revealing Ubisoft’s oldest gaming franchise, one that dates back to 1986.

Zombi Amstrad

You fright fans out there will be excited to learn Zombi’s connection to George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead…or it’s connection with Dario Argento cut of that film. So grab your favorite snack and beverage and let Professor ‘Guru’ Larry educate you on Ubisoft’s Zombi franchise!

[Via] Larry Bundy Jr.


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One thought on “Larry Bundy Jr. Reveals The Undead Origin Of Ubisoft’s Oldest Franchise!

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I remember reading about this several years ago – way past my initial zombie-love bloom – and somehow thinking the fates musta pushed me away from discovering Zombi the Computer Game while in temporal sync with my fateful discovery of Romero’s classic.

    Then again, it’s not too surprising given computer games were compartmentalized by the specific system which could run them.
    Often I’d see a groovy title in a games mag and pore through the ad to see if it would run on my C64 (which became the go-to popular salespoint during its heyday).

    Yeah, this game, from the cool video runthrough, is amazingly fitted to please a die-hard DotD fan like myself. Maybe not in elaborate mall undead carnage action (which the Dead Rising series captures perfectly) but in that thing I love about retro-appreciation of older games – Minimalist technical rendition of a theme; Maximized forethought of cool gaming experience.

    This game, and the sadly-missing from my collection DotD board game, would make for a really great Zombi party.

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