What Did Nolan Bushnell Think About Robots In 1984?

I shared the rather beat up cover of the May 1984 issue of K Power before with it’s focus on Riptide, Hackers, and even the legendary Movie Maker software.

K Power - Riptide

But inside was an interesting write up by staff writers Christina Kelly and Jane King who asked various people in all manner of industries what they thought the future of robots looked like.

Who did they interview? Eugene jarvis (Robotron), John Sladek (Tik-Tok), Detective William Sullivan with the New York Police Department’s Bomb Squad, Debbie Huglin of the now defunct Robotorium (A toy store that only dealt with robots and robot toys), and of course Nolan Bushnell.

As you can see from the quote at the top of this post, Bushnell looked at the future of robots as being that of servitude, one that he felt would be possible for even the middle class thanks to the advancements of production by 1993. Sadly this has not come to pass.
Bushnell and Bob 1 - K Power
Bushnell and Bob 2 - K Power

At the time of the article in 1984 these were some of the outstanding robots available on the market.
Robots 8 - K Power
K Power - Robots 1
Robots 2 - K Power
Robots 3 - K Power
Robots 4 - K Power
Robot 5 - K Power
Robots 6 - K Power
Robots 7 - K Power


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