Did You Know About The Sears 1984 Executive Pony?

There is just so much awesomeness in the 1984 Sears Wish Book, here on the Retroist through the years we’ve shared quite a few of that particular catalog’s offerings. From Dungeons and Dragons…
Dungeons and Dragons - Sears Wish Book
….to Gremlins bed sheets…
Gremlins - A-Team - Bedding - Sears Catalog
…and Michael Jackson inspired leather jackets.
Michael Jackson Jacket - Sears Wish Book 1984
But I think I can now truthfully say we’ve never shared anything quite so bizarre as the Sears Executive Pony.
Executive Pony 1
At least not to my knowledge. So what exactly did $999.99 in 1984 net the devoted rocking horse enthusiast?
Executive Pony A
I would say the genuine leather saddle and tack would be a big draw but perhaps not as much as the Certificate of Registration to the Thoroughbred Rocking Horse Association of America! At least there were other options available for your more middle class rocking horse fan.
Executive Pony C

There was one other thing that struck me as…odd…about this ad. Is the executive proudly standing next to his 66 inch high rocking horse…actually Mr. Lebowski?!
Big Lebowski


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