Saturday Frights: Devil Dog – The Hound Of Hell (1978)

Hello, dear viewers. I felt the presentation of a film had been lacking on our broadcasts for far too long. That is why I have chosen for your evening’s entertainment an absurd Televised film called ‘Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell’.

The story for Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell involves a family man who finds his loved ones put in very real danger after they have adopted a frisky little German Shepherd puppy, for you see the seller didn’t warn them that beast is now a minion of Satan. Heh, heh.

Will he be able to save not only the souls of his family but find a successful way to thwart such a force of darkness? Turn off the lights. Gather your own dear ones to your side….and enjoy our offering this evening on Saturday Frights.
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(The Projectionist kind of neglected to mention the fact that this made-for-tv movie has a steallar cast! You have Richard Crenna (Rambo) as Mike Barry, Yvette Mimieux (The Time Machine) as Betty Barry, their two kids are played by Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann who both starred in 1975’s Escape to Witch Mountain and it’s 1978 sequel Return from Witch Mountain.

You also have Martine Beswick (Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde), R.G. Armstrong (Predator), and Ken Kercheval (Dallas). -Vic)

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