Have you seen Paul Newman in “Once Upon a Wheel”?

Have you seen Paul Newman in “Once Upon a Wheel”?

When I worked in a video store, I never knew what people might request from day-to-day. Often what they wanted would surprise me in that they were things I had never heard of. A title that was often requested, but that we never had, was the Paul Newman narrated 1971 television documentary about auto racing, “Once Upon a Wheel”.

The documentary was released on ABC TV here in american, but had a theatrical release overseas. While I never saw it on TV, I was impressed with the impression it made on its viewers who would seek it our decades later. Eventually I would get my hands on a copy of the film on home video and it is a pretty enjoyable hour-long piece that is a great snapshot of its time featuring in addition to Newman, Mario Andretti, Kirk Douglas, Hugh Downs, Dean Martin, Cesar Romero and Dick Smothers.

As you might guess, this video has been posted online, so if you are interested in the history of auto racing or just like retro TV, it is worth checking out.

The ad above was very common leading up to the release of the film. I want all these prizes!

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