Connie Sellecca for Cachet Perfume

Cachet perfume, which I have never seen or smelled, is a long running scent. It is still being sold in stores today. So it must be good or cheap or both?

Perfume is an intriguing thing and they spend a lot of money advertising it and since it is so pricey to buy a “high quality” scene, I guess it all works out in the end. My experience with perfumes mostly comes from my time working in a pharmacy when I was a teenager.

When you were on the floor, you were told to watch that section carefully and boy were they not kidding. Almost daily someone would attempt to steal a box, usually successfully and the assistant manager would chew us out at the end of the night because we were not able to foil the “perfume bandit”.

One time a fairly large box of perfume was put into the trash compactor by mistake and for months afterwards the backroom smelled like “Charlie”, which made it impossible to take a lunch back there and stocking needed to be done in 10 minute intervals or you would start getting a headache.


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