Program your VCR using Bar Codes?

While I often found programming my family VCR to be a bit tedious, after a while it would become second nature. We held onto to that VCR for a decade at least, so I did not get to witness all the magical attempts at making recording easier. Things like VCR Plus+ made life easier for many TV addicts, but it was not the only attempt at using technology. This morning I found this ad for Panasonic’s bar Code based scheduler. Which they said made programming as easy as “drawing a line”. I could definitely see the appeal of this in the eighties. Bar Codes seemed like magic back then. If we had this in the home I would have been running over every item I could just to see if that UPC code on the can of peaches would schedule anything interesting.

Enjoy this commercial from 1987 that has a creepy set of silver hands demonstrating this tech magic (and making a disturbing hand face).


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